Photoshop DMC thread Swatches

Here are the two sets of Adobe Swatches for DMC colors. In Photoshop, you can hover over them for the DMC code and the official color name:

One of them works in DMC code order (the order the numbers appear on the packets) while the second one is more or less in order of color, with shades of a hue in the same location (more or less - this is harder than it sounds). I know there are other DMC colour swatches out there for Photoshop, but these give you the code AND name when you right click on them. Converting RGB to DMC is not an exact science, there's no official RGB colour set, so I decided to go with the most useful set. These ones are the exact shades from this fantastic website that converts RGB to the closest DMC.

I found this great article about creating color pallets for Adobe Swatch Exchange, with a sample PHP file, and managed to extract the colors from the RGB/DMC converter and then put them into excel spreadsheet. I converted the decimal RGB values into hex codes, combined them with the titles of each hue then exported them into a version of the color pallet PHP file which spat out encoded ASE files. After opening those in Photoshop, i re-exported them to Photoshop's default ACO format, which is what we have above.

Although I've found other DMC color swatches for Photoshop, they didn't seem to have the DMC codes on them, and that meant I needed to perform an extra step. Also, each RGB color chart is different, so using this one means it works with the handy dandy conversion tool back and forth.

I also managed to set myself up with a chart that only has the colours in my thread box, which is super useful if I'm trying to avoid buying things.  I didn't include that one, figured you'd have no use for it.

Victory is sweet.
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